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Last week, Bright artist Zoe Persico invited Educational Agent Lucie Luddington to Skype interview her SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) group in USA. We strongly believe in supporting creatives in every stage of their careers, especially when under the Bright roof. The students were itching to ask questions only an industry expert could help answer and so our Lucie was Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed for the interview last week! Here’s what Zoe had to say about the talk,

Art school: it’s exciting, it’s nerve-wracking, it’s a time to prepare for your artistic endeavors before jumping head first into the world of being a working adult. Students are working day and night to pursue their artistic passions and plan out how they approach their career. As a current art student as well, we all want the best education experience as possible, even including outside working sources to figure out how to go about what creative field that we want to dive into. I wanted to help, and with now being apart of Bright, I contacted Lucie to help with a Skype interview for the illustration students here at the college. She happily obliged!

bright call

 A few weeks later it was finally interview day and I was beyond ecstatic. I arrived to the room early along with my fellow Illustration Society officers to help set everything up. Of course with every important event comes technical difficulties, and we struggled for a few minutes. Lucie is a sweetheart and she patiently waited for us! We soon got it to work and I quickly sent over the video call request. Before you know it Lucie and I were chatting with full excitement.

The students jotted down notes as the interview commenced and some even came up to the screen to ask Lucie some great questions. “What kinds of art styles do you look for?” “How should I contact Bright about submitting?” “What’s the relationship like between agents and illustrators?” Lucie answered these thoughtful questions as her warming personality shined through, letting us know how much she cares for Bright, her artists, and even us for showing interest. She made us laugh and gave us a sense of comfort, which really showed the students on what Bright’s all about: being a family.

taking notes

 Alas, it was time to sign off and we all shared our goodbyes. After the call we all looked at each other full of glee and excitement. The students thanked me for making the interview possible and told me how they’d be contacting Lucie soon to keep in touch and even submitting. We all agreed Lucie did a wonderful job showing us what Bright’s all about and how their main focus is creating special relationships between agent and artist. Plus, as Americans, we can’t help love her lovely British accent! I’m so happy that Bright was able to give some great advice and tips to art students and I’m sure that we’ll get to hear from Lucie again in the near future.

You sure will Zoe – Bright would like to thank the skilful Zoe for her lovely words, enthusiasm and the opportunity to encourage flourishing talent! We all look forward to seeing new submissions and hope every creative took away a little Bright inspiration.

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