Bright USA Heads to the UK for the Annual Artist Picnic + More

Bright picnic

The Bright team poses with family, friends and artists

It’s been an exciting month at Bright USA, as the American team ventured across the Atlantic to celebrate Bright’s incredible talent at our annual artist picnic. As luck would have it, we landed just as the biggest heatwave England had seen in 26 years rolled into town. With temperatures creeping into the 90s and not an AC unit in sight, the week carried on with a hugely successful book launch party for Fiona Woodcock’s Hiding Heidi, our quarterly company review, a breezy happy hour along the Thames, and constant trips to Sainsbury’s for cold water bottles.

Keep reading for quotes from the team and photo highlights!

Bright team

Team UK and US

Alli Brydon, Managing Agent:

“It was a huge pleasure, as always, to spend time with our Bright UK family in the London offices! The energy and spirit at the Emporium is amazing, and the annual picnic is always a highlight of the year. Getting to spend time with so many beloved artists and colleagues–as well as seeing the Emporium space in action for Fiona Woodcock’s Hiding Heidi book launch–inspires and recharges, and reminds me how much I love my job!”

Bright picnic

Protecting our picnic from a brief shower

Anne Armstrong, Managing Agent:

“Reconnecting and meeting some Bright artists for the first time was a highlight of my visit to Bright UK. Working over Skype and email and phone lines can be expedient, but there is nothing like meeting someone in person! And our company meetings and gatherings were exceptional to inform and build better team communication. It was a fabulous, fruitful trip all around!”

Hiding Heidi

Anne Armstrong, Fiona Woodcock, Alli Brydon

James Burns, Senior Agent:

“Being able to attend the artist picnic is always such a privilege. I can’t help but leave the Bright family full of energy and enthusiasm for the work we do and the artist that we are so proud to represent.”

Hiding Heidi

Putting our best faces forward with a Hiding Heidi themed photo station

Alex Gehringer, Agent:

“There’s nothing quite like having the entire Bright team in one place. The level of creative energy whizzing about was unparalleled, and the fact that we were able to share such a special week with some of our artists was an added treat.”


Vicki and Monty sharing a moment at The Ship