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Over the past ten years, the Bright Group has become well-established in the UK with a high standard of children’s literary excellence. From ideation to inception, execution to promotion, Bright stands by the artists it represents and helps them to grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Bright is now bringing its outstanding reputation and method across the pond with the launch of Bright USA.

Aligned with the same values as The Bright Group, Bright USA has cultivated a team of industry professionals who have a proven track record of success. Results-driven and supportive of talent, our mission is to nourish a symbiotic relationship between artists and clients. We believe sales matter, and that our roles as artist champions do not end upon the publication of a project.

Bright USA

The Bright USA logo has been crafted with these ideals in mind. In the inspiring words of Bright USA’s Managing Agent, Alli Brydon:

The colors of our new logo are the red, white, and blue of the flag of the United States of America—but the design is more subtle, focusing on the “bright stars” rather than the “broad stripes” that our national anthem declares. We wanted the new logo to reflect the values, hopes, and creative power found here in the US, while also hearkening back to the place where our company (and our nation) was founded: the United Kingdom.

The blue in the logo is the exact same blue as the one in the American flag, which we found by sleuthing the Pantone catalog. The type design is the one used for all the logos of Bright Group International, our parent company, which is globally recognized. But the dot above our “i” is a red star. This represents to us the strength of the American individual, as well as the idea that we are all stars who are ready to shine bright.

Bright USA

The Bright USA team celebrating together!

Meet the Bright USA Team

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Alli Brydon


Anne Moore Armstrong

Alex Gehringer

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