Bright’s YouTube Channel – Bridging the gap from page to screen

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Over the last few years at Bright, we have had front row seats to the trans-media shift occurring in children’s literature, illustration and design. One of the ways we are embracing and developing this industry shift is through our new YouTube Channel.

This is a brilliant way of promoting and sharing our illustration portfolio and gives Bright the key opportunity to drive the discoverability of our authors, illustrators, events and plans even further.

Our channel features a whole host of exclusive content, from book trailers:

… to reviews of our newest books – here we have Plugging Pictures, who recommends two of our Bright author/illustrators.

Coverage of Bright stories on much-loved and well-known children’s TV channels (Sue Hendra‘s Nobot the Robot with No Bottom features on CBeebies)

Exclusive Bright artists’ events and appearances. (Sue Hendra makes a special-guest appearance at a World Book Day event, this year in London):

Our YouTube channel also creates a space for our #SuperFans to create and share…

…and a space to share the step-by-step development progress of our beautiful new event space, The Bright Emporium:

As part of this trans-media journey in children’s publishing, Bright are developing exciting new projects as part of a print-to-screen shift. An example of this is Sue Hendra’s much-loved series Wanda and the Alien, which was transformed into a hit TV series for Channel 5’s Milkshake just last year. Over on YouTube, we are thrilled to show you what’s been going on around here lately, and to keep you up to date with all the Bright and wonderful things we have planned over the next few months!