Educational books – take notice!

Can you remember how you learned to read?
How about learning proper grammar or spelling?
Do you remember which books you used to learn these skills?


Chances are you learned these skills in a classroom, using a book that was specifically crafted to help you. Now, this doesn’t imply that the book you used was a classic ‘textbook’, but instead a book that aims to make reading fun and interactive for children. In a sense, teaching children how to read and spell without being outright obvious. These books are very useful for teachers, parents and carers, and are in a constant flux of being developed and published.



With each new generation of readers, publishers are constantly on the lookout for fresh, innovative illustrators (and authors) that can keep their books current and approachable. Unfortunately, many illustrators will only work on education projects until they land their first big trade project, then it’s au revoir, or they view the illustration market for educational books as the least interesting section of publishing. Sadly, these people are missing out! The books crafted for the educational market are used in the classroom, but are also found in libraries (both local and in schools), as well as in homes. Because these books are so far reaching, and will have a large impact on children’s interest in reading and learning, publishers are very keen to involve great illustrators.




Educational publishing has come a long way over the years. Illustrating books for the educational market includes:

  • text books (of course)
  • early readers
  • chapter books
  • phonics books
  • young reading series
  • first experience books

…and that’s only the beginning.


Illustrators and authors have the opportunity to create work for several subjects:

  • geography
  • maths
  • history
  • science 


As well as interesting non-fiction topics such as:

  • religion
  • crafts and hobbies
  • food and cooking
  • art
  • music
  • pop culture
  • languages and more!
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We are keen to disprove the educational market stigma. What many illustrators miss is how vital the educational market is, and how lucrative it really is. Creatives who begin their careers working with educational publishers, and continue to work in the sector of the industry, despite where their career takes them, will always manage to pay their bills and eat more than beans and toast (regardless of how delicious that meal is!). Educational publishing is a massive market, and it’s always evolving. Art directors are in tune with what’s popular for children, and they want their books to resemble the trends. Using skilled illustrators who they can rely on will keep the books available and will help keep children interested in reading and learning. And wouldn’t you like to be the illustrator that got a child excited about learning?