Interning with bright

What did working behind the scenes of the bright agency bring you?

A new insight into the book industry. It gave me a chance to familiarise myself  with how the beginning process of book designs works.

What stood out as something bright does that you didn’t know about until you came and work led for us?

Just how much hard work and effort realistically goes into liaising a client and artist to create something spectacular. It’s impressive how well the Bright team does this, though, making it look like a real piece of cake.

From your experience what advice would you recommend to illustrators?

Take note of EVERYTHING! You never know when you may need it in the future, it doesn’t matter how small or silly the information may sound to you.

What was the favourite part of your internship?

I couldn’t possibly name just one thing. Between the great people working there, the yummy foods, the enjoyable work I got to do, it’s definitely a tough one! The great thing about this internship was that I got to learn a variety of things.

Would you recommend the experience to other people interested in our internship programme? If yes, why?

Definitely! You get to experience so much more than what you originally bargained for. It gives the intern a wider perspective on how the book design industry works, giving them the chance to think about what they really want to do in this field. 



 For design internships please email Leela Roy:

For literary internships please email Vicki Willden-Lebrecht: