Marketing, Novelty, Books – Oh MY! Sue Hendra and her branding

Published last week! Author/illustrator Sue Hendra’s new book, Doug the Bug, is available for all the kids who love her stories…and bugs with personality. Sue’s new story is a touching one about friendship that’s filled with her memorable vibrant illustrations and quirky characters.

Doug The Bug Boing Cover 001

Doug and Trevor are best friends who love playing in the garden. But one day Doug gets dug up! Stuck at the top of a tower block, can Doug find his way back to his friend or will he be trapped forever?

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This new book is a great addition to Sue’s already budding book collection. Every one of her characters is unique and comic. Her books have loving fans, and she met many of them at the Edinburgh International Book Festival! Sue’s attention to detail and understanding what children are drawn to in books are traits that are keeping her relevant with each book she writes and illustrations. Additionally, as a way to stay fresh and creative, Sue has been insistent that she doesn’t bore her audience – she loves to create stories with a fresh spin and new characters, rather than produce a series on one character.


With each of Sue’s books, Bright and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, work to develop novelty items focused around the book. One of the latest item is in correlation with Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell – a stuffed slug along with the book. This great novelty item brings children into the book and lets them play out the text when story time has ended. Another of the great items available soon is a fabulous three book package of her top books. This gift box will be sold at WHSmith this holiday season for £5 – a great gift for any child!

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 For Sue, her individual books and the special items enhance the reading experience that children have – and we couldn’t agree more! We work hard to place products in the market at the right time, which helps expand authors’ reach to the market. Bright is keen to help publishers and authors develop items that encourage children to become more involved in reading. By keeping children reading, Sue and all of our other amazing authors are able to continue building and growing their characters with Bright and the publishers they work with.