Maxine Lee is making waves with ‘Pi-Rat!’

2014 has been a golden year for Bright artist Maxine Lee! Earlier in the year she saw publishing success as she earned the highly commended Cambridge ‘Read it Again!’ Award for her amazing book Pi-Rat! (Caterpillar). Over ten thousand school kids from the Cambridgeshire local schools read and discussed various picture books in class and Maxine’s made the final 9!
big whoop
As if Maxine’s commendation wasn’t enough, 2014 saw the release of her colourfully playful Sorry, Dad! (Caterpillar) in May, followed shortly by her quirky tale Big Whoop! (POW!) which hit books stores in July. On top of her publishing success, Maxine has been working closely with Orion, Top That, Blue Rabbit, Samsung Publishing, Childsplay, Compass Media and Learning Focus on an array of exciting projects.
Pi-Rat PR_LE1000_Our Lady's (19)
A few months ago Maxine took part in a fun Pi-Rat workshop at a school to inspire young readers and engage with her excitable audience! She found that the young creatives really took to drawing once the fundamental shapes were broken down for them. She also took part in some creative events at the Edinburgh Festival in August. Here at Bright, we encourage our artists to engage with the public to promote, share and celebrate the joy of reading and their upcoming books. Maxine has actively been taking part in public appearances, so with a quickly growing fan base, it’s no wonder why she has been commissioned for further exciting projects this year.
Well done Maxine – Not only have you seen great publishing success this year but you have also managed to impress the important people. The children!

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