NYC events – Books of Wonder & SCBWI conference highlights


With 3 Bright Agents touring the US this month with fresh portfolios and book concepts — what better time to attend two high profile illustration events in New York?

SCBWI Winter conference is an annual children’s book event in NYC attended by writers, illustrators, agents, editors, art directors, publicists from all over the globe. Every attendee, whether established or just starting out, has the chance to learn from each other in workshops and be inspired by success stories of authors and publishers.

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MD Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, Bright Educational agent Lucie Luddington and US agent Anne Moore Armstrong all attended the conference beginning on Friday evening for an Art Showcase of hundreds of open portfolios where they saw unpublished illustrator’s work along with published and met an array of art directors and editors also attending the showcase. It was a fabulous, one-of-a-kind, not to miss event indeed!

This year best-selling picture book maker, Herve Tullet was invited to do an illustrator intensive which Rob McClurkan, Pierre Collet-Derby and Luke Flowers attended all day on Friday — they were stretched and inspired by this creative genius’ workshop.

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          Bright agents arrive in New York  
      Pierre & Bright artists were fully      prepared for the networking event

The next morning the Bright agents and illustrators were amazed by Anthony Horowitz’ mesmerizing keynote presentation on his journey as a writer — from obscurity to best-selling author. Afterwards the agents separated to attend workshops given by high profile editors and art directors, discussing and demonstrating the ins and outs of picture book making and publishing in the USA. It was a rich, educational and inspiring experience to be in one place with creators of picture books, middle-grade and young adult novels who care so passionately about storytelling and kids falling in love with reading!

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Books of Wonder is one of New York’s well-known children’s bookstore, having been established over two decades ago and is a global place of gathering for book lovers far and wide. Each month they hold a Picture Book panel that features the latest books being published and their creators – Bright’s UK artist Migy Blanco was one of 4 creators invited on Sunday 8th February to share the process of making their books and read aloud their beautiful stories.

Migy’s And Away We Go seemed to be the perfect book for such an occasion, as it is set in NYC and features a hot air balloon lifting off for an adventure into space with various animals jumping on board – and this is what the weekend felt like for Bright — lifting off into new wonderful adventures together in the US!
Henry Holt published Migy’s book and his editor, Sally Doherty attended the event along with their publicist. 
Migy reading ‘And Away We Go’  &  Luke Flowers, Rob McClurkan, Anne Moore Armstrong & Lucie Luddington Grand Central Station selfie!

Bright artists from the NYC area, Doreen Mulyran and Jen Hill came to see and meet Migy for the first time, along with the illustrators who had attended the SCBWI event all weekend — Luke, Rob and Pierre. Vicki, Lucie and Anne were all there to cheer Migy on and to establish connections in this wonderful bookstore where Bright will certainly have more magical events like this one.


Bright M.D and Lead Picture Book Agent Vicki had motivational words of wisdom for the group of global talent – discussing even further expansion in USA and London gallery initiatives coming later this year!

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Left to right: You Byun, Anne Armstrong, Lucie Luddington, Pierre Collet-Derby, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, Doreen Mulyran, Jen Hill, Migy and Luke Flowers ~ celebrating Bright US together!