Oxford University Press, all about Bright Educational!

Recently Bright artist Gareth Conway and Senior Agent Lucie Luddington were asked to give a talk at Oxford University Press. It was a wonderful event and Gareth and Lucie would like to thank all those involved.
Greeted by the first frost of the season with a big shiny sun as the back drop, Lucie and Gareth met at OUP’s head quarters at Great Clarendon Street in Oxford. The talk was focussed on giving the audience an insight in the world of an artist and their agent, the evolution of Bright Educational, the difference between a good brief and a bad brief, and finally, the aspirations of Bright artists and our Educational team as a whole.
During the day we opened up the opportunity for our audience to illustrate from a brief, putting themselves in the shoes of our artists. The piece below was just one of the many examples of what was drawn in response to a brief issued by Gareth, not bad we thought!

The educational sector of publisher is pushing every boundary to create engaging, lively content and it seems we have moved away from the days of static imagery and the need for art work that will engage and inspire readers and learners is paramount. Vector art is also becoming key requirement as educational publishers embrace digital mediums for use on interactive learning platforms and online supporting materials.

It was wonderful to discuss and listen to the thoughts of the OUP members. When asked to raise a hand about who knew of Bright Educational, the majority of the 50 hands were raised. This was a pleasing sign that over the past eight months Bright Educational has steadily grown thanks to the work of our artists, the support of ALL our clients and the backing of Vicki our MD in believing that we can make this work!
Here is to a BRIGHT 2015, thank you to all our artists and clients!