Picture Book Fans Await Hay Festival 2015!


  Every year Bright shines at The Hay Festival (HayFever) with our top Creatives taking part in events & interacting with their key audiences. This year sees our host of award winning Author/Illustrators leading their own themed activities as well as joining other famous authors/illustrators to celebrate their literary assets and, of course, the joy of books!

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Sue Hendra is the 7th biggest selling author/illustrator in the country and has currently sold over 1,000,000 copies to her growing crowd of young fans. To top things off, her Random House creation, Wanda and the Alien, has been transformed into a wildly popular TV show on Channel 5 Milkshake (Komixx Entertainment) and is set to be a future classic. 

On 24th May, Sue’s creative partner in crime, Paul Linnet, is joining her to share their newest book I Need a Wee! (Simon & Schuster) and get stuck into hilarious crafts!


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Teaming up with renowned author Claire Freedman, Sue Hendra is introducing kids to the hilariously disgusting world of Max and his Dragon Jelly! (Bloomsbury).



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Benji Davies, who earlier this year was long listed for the Kate Greenaway Award (On Sudden Hill, Simon & Schuster), is joining author Elli Woollard for a Giant of Jum (Macmillan) event! There will be puppets, audience participation and exclusive live drawing from Benji himself – “I will be drawing children from the audience turned into their favourite dish, so they are good enough for a giant’s dinner!”.


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V&A Award winner Yasmeen Ismail will be promoting her newest publishing hit, Specs for Rex (Bloomsbury) & leading a Rex drawing activity. Prepare yourself for a creative inky morning!  



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Publishing royalty – definitely not one to be missed! Yasmeen Ismail is alongside her publishing peers Emily Gravett & Chris Haughton for this unique insight into their creative processes.