Rebecca Elliott in talks with Clare Balding – BBC Radio 2



 Last Sunday, our very own rising star Rebecca Elliott made an appearance on BBC Radio 2 alongside nationally loved & publicly acclaimed Clare Balding, OBE. The interview, which took place in the last half our of the show, focused on Rebecca’s publishing inspiration from her daughter Clemmie and two sons, Toby and Benjamin. Rebecca is one of the first storytellers to tackle ethical subjects such as disability and death within her illustrations – portraying ‘heart-warming rather than heart-breaking’ story lines. Having taken part in her ‘fair share’ of commercial children’s books, Rebecca wanted to share and explore the subjects that children are genuinely interested in and ask daily questions about, but for some reason, no one wants to discuss.


 ‘Children are open to the bigger issues’ stated Rebecca, as she confidently described her reasonings behind Missing Jack (the death of a pet) and Mr Super Poopy Pants (inspired by all her children, but namely her youngest, Benjamin). Early on in the interview, Clare described Rebecca’s literary work as ‘lovely and funny and to the point – the illustrations are incredible’ and both the presenter and storyteller went on to discuss religion, modern mothering and the difficult as well as amazing moments of taking care of a profoundly disabled, yet beautiful little girl like Clemmie.

To listen to the interview, click here or the picture below.

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