#SparkSomethingGood – Lucy Fleming creates Vibrant Mural for M&S Initiative


On 29th July, Marks and Spencer launched a city wide campaign to encourage local communities to make a real difference. Bright (initiated by Bright Educational) took part in one of the twenty-four projects across London and teamed up with local school, Beyond Autism, to design and create a giant mural to brighten the school playground and raise awareness of the small but thriving organisation. 22 year old Bright Artist Lucy Fleming lead the creative team of volunteers and received a warm welcome from the school’s patrons, actors Prunella Scales and Timothy West.




prunleea Actors Prunella Scales and Timothy West admired the growing progress of the mural as patrons of the school.finalwall

Inspired by children of all demographics having fun together within the rainbow colours of the school itself, the final mural which is a testament to Lucy’s strong style, took a total of 8 hours and is now ready for all to see at the Rainbow School yard, Wandsworth Common. #SparkSomethingGood was a huge success, sparking change across 24 different communities with the help of 400+ volunteers including Joanna Lumley. Bright were honoured to be a part of such a worth-while campaign for change and look forward to generating further community ties later on in the year with the launch of the Bright Emporium in Battersea.