Sue Hendra hosts a very special Storytime Sunday

On Sunday 20th September we had a very special Storytime Sunday – lead by the fabulous Sue Hendra – creator of the hugely popular Wanda and The Alien series (Red Fox – Random House), Barry The Fish with Fingers and Supertato (Simon & Schuster UK)  – a 2016 World Book Day Big 11!

With two Wanda and the Alien books in hand, Sue had every child’s attention throughout story time and thoroughly enjoyed making fantastic Wanda and Alien headbands and amazing Flying Saucer space ships! With artistic minds in full flow, everybody took to the walls for some alien cityscaping!

After the morning’s creativity, every little Superfan sat transfixed, watching not one, but TWO exciting episodes of Wanda and The Alien (Komixx) with the creator herself amongst them!

WandaStorytimeImagesWith the imminent launch of the Bright Emporium, we endeavour to grow and develop these creative events beyond Storytime Sunday to be inclusive of our entire portfolio of global talent and their award winning publishing assets. The future looks set to be Bright!