Guest Speaker & School Favourite – Kelly Canby shines at the Book Week 2015


After publishing her debut author/illustrated title All The Lost Things (Peter Pauper Press) in July this year, Bright star Kelly Canby has had a busy schedule! Recently, the Australian based creative took part in Book Week 2015 and wrote about the amazing inspiration and experiences on her blog.

Her adventure started at the Palmyra Primary School where she was overwhelmed to find that the students had turned her book into a play! Later on, it was time for hundreds of questions from the small story lovers and Kelly diligently answered every single one before attending the Children’s Book Council of Australia dinner 2015. Kelly was also exclusively invited to be a guest speaker at the CBCA-WA “Make Your Own Story Book” awards ceremony – a huge honour!

If you would like to find out more about Kelly Canby’s life as an established author illustrator and all her publishing experiences from the last few months, click here to visit her blog.