Beauty for all occasions

Here at Bright we have been developing some key occasions designs with our top licensing artists. During the run up to Christmas, we thought we would break with tradition and move away from the snow and twinkling lights to bring you some beautiful new captions.

As always, please feel free to contact our Licensing team for any bespoke selections or any commissioning needs.      


Vicky PughVicky Pugh

Claudine Rose    Claudine RoseClaudine Rose

Suzanne Washington Suzanne Washington

Suzanne Washington

Sanja Rescek

Sanja Rescek

Claudine Rose Claudine Rose

Claudine Rose

Suzanne Washington Michelle Breen

Suzanne Washington                                               Michelle Breen

Sanja Rescek Sanja Rescek

Sanja Rescek

Nicola O'Byrne Nicola O'Byrne Nicola O'ByrneNicola O’Byrne

Naomi Engelmann Kim Martin

Naomi Engelmann                                           Kim Martin

Nicola O'Byrne Nicola O'Byrne

Nicola O’Byrne

Chester Bentley  Lindsey Sagar  Chester Bentley

Chester Bentley                       Lindsey Sagar                         Chester Bentley

Claudine Rose Dotty Lottie

Claudine Rose                                                               Dotty Lottie

BCG3020 SNOW GLOBE  BCG3020 SNOW GLOBEChristine Gore

CA155 Easter CS2

Dotty Lottie

Colleen Whittaker  Colleen Whittaker

Colleen Whittaker

10736003.  10736103.

Vicky Pugh

bling2 bling2 bling2

Suzanne Washington

10741500. 10741600.Katy Hudson