Bright Artist Clover Robin Designs New Sausage Branding!

2674 WS MOR - illustrations (low)

MOR is the new, healthier, sausage brand and packaging designed by Ape Creative, a specialist design and branding agency for food businesses. Produced by Walkers Sausage Co, the brand launched this week in 400+ Tesco stores.

Early in 2016, Walkers Sausage Co asked Ape Creative to create a brand for a healthier sausage.When the UK market for premium sausages is dominated by own label and a handful of brands, trading on high meat content, (high in fat) and heritage, the brief was to create a brand that was anything but.

The answer was to be brave and proud, focusing on what was in the sausages not what had been taken out. Ape produced a look and feel for MOR that shares the same premium values as the market leaders, whilst communicating the benefits of using less meat and more healthy and nutritional ingredients.

The subtle smile in the bold logo type adds a touch of warmth and personality. The bespoke illustrations by Clover Robin, represented by Fiona Kenny at Bright Art Licensing, reflect the ingredients in each variety, in a hand drawn style that adds a craft feel to remind shoppers that these sausages are still made by hand, by sausage makers, using natural casings in the traditional way.

MOR website

The colour palette ranges from earthy to bright, to help reflect the vibrant flavour in each pack, to give the fundamentally important stand-out on shelf and differentiation from the rest of the fixture. This is after all, a new kind of sausage.

Check out the website,, designed and built by web agency Together, with bespoke illustrations by Clover Robin.

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You can view other artwork by Clover here, or get in touch with Art Licensing Agent Fiona Kenny: