I’ll Mostly Be… Our new Blog Series!


Welcome to the new (mostly) tri-weekly Bright Art Licensing Series that gives you an inside look at what we do in our cozy pink and white office!

We will show you some of the day to day projects like sneak peeks at our mailers, the design process, have a look at newest artwork and get to know the Licensing Team a little better!

As for today I’ll mostly be… creating new portfolio sheets, putting new artwork on the site and anything else in preparation for the PG Live and Surtex! Speaking of which have you seen the two new images on the site?

CarouselPGLive2014 CarouselSurtex2014

I designed them to show off the varied styles of our talented artists and how together we create a beautiful team! The Surtex Design is all about beautiful colours and spring flowers. The PG Live design is more inspired by the fact the trade show is held in London! Are you coming to the trade shows? We would love you to stop by and say hello!

Have a great day!

Lilly Gottwald

Licensing Assistant and Designer