Introducing Brand New Artists with a Stunning New Design Collection!

Introducing… Carly Gledhill

“My name is Carly Joanne Gledhill. Born and raised in West Yorkshire, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile Design in 2006, followed by a Master’s degree in Children’s Book Illustration in 2010.

Through a love of colour, character design and sewing, my work naturally lends itself to design for children. I have worked for close to ten years illustrating for children’s clothing, books and stationery.

Leafy East London is now my home, place of work and endless inspiration.”

Introducing… Lucy Duckham

“I spent a year studying Art and Design at Cheltenham, which lead to a three year illustration course at Bristol UWE. Here I developed my hand painting with the use of Photoshop and Illustrator.

I work in watercolour and acrylics to achieve my style and I love bright, bold illustrations mixed with flowing hand-drawn typography. Day to day experiences influence and inspire my work — whether it be a trip to the flower market or the avocado I had for breakfast! When I’m not painting you’ll most likely find me in one of Bristol’s many coffee shops.”

Introducing… Caragh Susan Buxton

“Ever since childhood I have never been happier than when playing with my paints, brushes, paper, and pencils. Now I am grown up nothing has changed. I still love to experiment and play in my sketchbook. I think of my pencils as my toys and my paint as my putty to dive in and have fun with. I have just completed my MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, the MA has taught me so much about refining and developing my work.”

Introducing… Kong – Yew Wong

“My aspiration of becoming an illustrator is largely drawn from my 80s childhood, where my imagination was sparked by an early fascination with cartoons, video games and Lego. Characters have always excited me… If I wasn’t playing with a Ninja Turtles I’d be drawing Disney characters… if I wasn’t drawing Disney characters, I’d be playing Super Mario… and if I wasn’t playing Super Mario I’d be building giant mutant Transformers out of Lego.

 I very much enjoy creating characters of all shapes and sizes… and through whatever medium I can get my hands on. My characters are brought to life with playful colour, texture and technique. Other areas which get me excited are lettering and typography… and nothing satisfies me more than seeing an interesting character complimented by a great display of hand lettering.”

Introducing… Alice Wong

“If I had to describe my work I would say it was quirky, cute, dreamy and influenced by Japanese Kawaii style. I am a real nature-lover and animals are the feature in most of my work.

I studied Illustration at Swansea Institute of Art and Design. My favourite medium to paint in is watercolour but I really just love to draw with my trusty 0.3mm mechanical pencil! I love to paint on wood and other natural surfaces as well as dabbling in Photo­shop a little to really bring my creations to life!

I also love to work with ceramics and aim to feature cute little ceramic characters in my work from now on.”

The Bright Art Licensing Team

Hannah Curtis | Senior Art Licensing Agent

With over 10 years experience in Art Licensing and with a brilliant eye, Hannah has worked directly with some of the largest brands worldwide. Hannah leads the Art Licensing Department at Bright with extensive knowledge of Art, Framing, Greetings & Stationery Hannah works with Bright’s impressive artist list to develop  beautiful designs and concepts.


Amanda Pike_Bio pic[2]

Amanda Pike | Art Licensing Agent

With a background in editing and freelance illustration – most recently including an MA in Children’s Book illustration – Amanda Pike has graduated from Art Licensing Assistant to join Senior Agent Hannah as a Licensing Agent within Bright. Amanda brings an enthusiastic and conscientious approach to the team, and is delighted to be working alongside Hannah and a hugely talented roster of Bright artists to continue building an exciting, innovative and trend-focused portfolio of designs to bring to this fast-paced and exhilaratingly-insatiable industry.