Spring Fair 2014 was a resounding success!

The recent Spring Fair at the NEC was a resounding success for Bright and its illustrators!


The brand new Bright Art Licensing stand received a huge amount of attention, drawing in artists and an abundance of clients!


Showcasing new artwork from Bright’s illustrators, and armed with Bright’s dedicated agents, we dived into the thralls of the Spring Fair head first! (With the aid of our coffee machine and our Bright branded chocolate of course!)

bright stand

From homewares to cards and everything in between! Emma Dashwood’s prints and mugs were very popular.

emma dashwood

As well as this, there was also a colossal quantity of products by Bright’s artists on other exhibitors stands! Including Lola Design, Scott Rhodes, Yasmeen Ismail, Nicola O’Bryne, Laura Hughes, Vicky Pugh, Lindsey Sagar, Catharine Collingridge, Jessica Johnson and more!

selection 1


selection 2


selection 3


selection 4


selection 5


selection 6

The Spring Fair 2014 was our most successful show yet, as we had reached a record number of meetings with clients!

Additionally the Fair has enabled us to spot the up-and-coming trends! So watch this space for Trend Boards created as a direct react reaction to the show.

We would like to thank all of our Illustrators and clients for making this years show such a triumph, and a special thanks to Hannah our Art Licensing Agent!