Anne Moore Armstrong appointed Creative Collaborative Agent!

As winter begins to thaw out, we mark the dawn of new beginnnings with an outstanding addition to our already diligent and loving team of Agents: Anne Moore Armstrong will be joining us from publishing royalty and one of the world’s most respected publishers in the US, Candlewick Press.

Anne brings with her an impressive publishing background of over 20 years at Little, Brown & Company and Candlewick Press working as a children’s book designer and creative support to the editorial and art teams. Her most recent position at Candlewick was one that used her keen eye for talent acquisition and development. Most notably, she was instrumental in Candlewick Press publishing Jon Klassen, who later became their first Caldecott medal winner.

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Award-winning Candlewick Books

 “We were looking for an artist [for ‘House Held Up By Trees’] who could do something very realistic,” Bicknell recalls, “but Anne Moore, our art resource coordinator, pulled out Jon’s samples—it was some of his work from Coraline—and I literally couldn’t put them down. I’ve only had that experience a couple of times.” Publishers Weekly Article, Feb 20 2012


Anne will join us this year to head up a new list of sensational Artists, support our already extensive list of skilled Illustrators and develop creative collaborations with our new Author-Illustrators. As Bright’s new creative collaborative Agent and being in the possession of such a strong U.S publishing background, Anne will be focusing on the American publishing market and establishing strong industry relationships and additionally evolving our current client liaisons.

As well as designing and art directing picture books alongside impressive acquired Illustrators, Anne has had a fruitful relationships with these aspiring and seasoned illustrators.

‘I am a strong believer in building and supporting relationships with illustrators to sustain their creative vision and work. I am eager to begin this journey together with Bright’s amazing artists, that I have admired for some time. Bright was one of the most up and coming resource pools in kids illustration and so now to be part of its expansion in the US is such a gift. I am looking to build authentic and sincere relationships, that are trusted and respected moving forward. ‘

Anne Moore Armstrong

My first love is picture books. I am captivated by this genre that fuses images and words together in a harmonious dance. The worlds that artists and authors create are limitless and really delight my own childlike imagination. I am thrilled to be a catalyst for illustrators to find their artistic expression and audience. I see such potential in this new partnership with Bright Agency and its global wealth of talent. It’s as though I am “flying to the moon and back!”‘


Significant illustrator acquisitions Anne made during her time at Candlewick Press (including new cultivated talent): Jon Klassen, Becca Stadtlander, Alison Friend, Yoko Tanaka, Julia Denos, Kelly Murphy, Andrea Offerman & Melissa Sweet.

Every year the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) assembles top professionals in the children’s publishing world to share their knowledge and expertise with attendees twice each year. These exciting events are an excellent networking opportunity for creatives just starting out in the industry and for those who have already made their mark.
In 2011 Anne took part in one of the events as part of their Editorial & Art Director Faculty and co-lead the Master Class for Illustrators alongside Dan Santat. At the event she was asked what she looked for in potential Illustrators: ‘I’m always looking for new illustrators with a strong sense of character that I connect with emotionally. It’s exhilarating to find an illustrator that has their very own/unique style…this certainly jazzes me.’  Anne attends great events like this in order to further encourage Illustrators to connect with the industry and gain insight into the creative careers they are seeking.


We are confident that Anne will bring a passion to developing Illustrators’ unique styles and identifying their strengths for the vibrant U.S market.  Her longterm experience from a trade book publisher’s perspective – with a thorough knowledge of what editors and art directors seek – means Anne has a keen eye for identifying and creating memorable characters that children will love and that crossover into other markets. Anne is committed to advancing an illustrator’s ability to tell a story effectively using pacing, layout and composition and challenges them to grow and celebrare their creative potential.

Everything Anne has undergone in her career – the skills she has honed, the hundreds of Illustrators she has nurtured –  has lead her to be the perfect candidate as an Agent. But it’s her love of artistic expression and obligation to make dreams a reality that makes her the perfect Bright Agent. Anne shares our enthusiastic approach to developing new talent, securing established creatives and nurturing relationships in the publishing industry. From this, we could not be more delighted to have Anne join Team Bright! Welcome to the family Anne – it’s going to be an amazing year.

Follow Anne on Twitter! @childbookart and welcome her to our elite community of the best in kidslit talent!
We would also like to congratulate and welcome our first US #Kidslit artist in our new expansion of Bright’s U.S divison – please follow Jen Hill! @jenhillustrator