Anne presents at the NJ-SCBWI event this weekend!

Anne is off to present two workshops at the NJ Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators’ annual conference this weekend. [better known as SCBWI]

Her first workshop, Digging for Treasure: What an Art Director and Agent Desire To See from Illustrators is based upon what she has gleaned from years of working with editors and art directors at Candlewick Press and Little, Brown.

Anne’s workshop will provide:

• an inside-look at what is discussed in editorial and art meetings

• what art directors and editors specifically need to see in your portfolio to feel confident about hiring you

• specific tips for creating characters for picture book and middle grade illustrated book


Anne’s insights will help illustrators see how they can become a strong candidate for a specific text that an editor has acquired and how they can be positioned for new project concepts that publishers want to create. She will also be sharing what she looks for in an illustrator’s portfolio as she builds her list as the new US agent at The Bright Agency:
• fresh personal signature style
• ability to draw, execute in medium well
• narrative quality & potential for book illustration
• characters with emotional range and connection
• an intangible essence, a strong sensibility
A few years ago, Anne met illustrator Ben Clanton at an SCBWI event in Seattle where she was speaking. He now has a new book published by Candlewick Press, Rex Wrecks It! 
Here is Anne with Ben and his new book at the Candlewick booth at BEA 2014. 



So, as many successful illustrators have found, becoming a member of SCBWI and attending these events allow everyone involved in the illustration world to meet, network and grow professionally!
Anne will also be giving an illustrator intensive workshop on “The Nitty Gritty of Character Development” where she will be highlighting examples of illustrators who have published children’s books and why they were chosen to develop that particular character. She’ll give examples of the evolution of a character from sketch stage to final art. Some of the illustrators she’ll feature are Matt Phelan, Kady MacDonald Denton, Peter Reynolds, Julia Denos, David Roberts, Anita Jeram, Sean Qualls and many others.
Now that Anne is working as an agent with The Bright Agency, she will also be showcasing some of Bright’s talented illustrators’ newly published vibrant work, as well as looking for new talent!
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