Bright Beginnings – Jen Hill’s first 2 months!

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We caught up with Bright artist Jen Hill to discuss her first 2 months representation and overall Bright experience so far…


Since joining Bright I have enjoyed plenty of communication, encouragement, art direction and, most importantly, new work opportunities.

My agents are wonderfully communicative and responsive. While it is common practice for many agents to take several days to a week or so to respond to an email, the agents at Bright respond immediately and have never taken more than twenty-four hours to get back to me. Impressive, considering the five-hour time difference!


The very smiley Jen at her most recent art show!

With Bright’s team-based approach, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have the efforts of several people finding me work. Their licensing agents have shown my work at SurTex in NYC, and their picture book agents have shown my work at Bologna, PG Live in London, and BEA in NYC. Their creative, collaborative agents are always available when I have needed someone to bat ideas around with or brainstorm new concepts. Support like this makes me feel like I am truly part of a team and a vibrant, creative company, which is a warm feeling for a freelance who works alone all day!


In two months’ time I’ve met with my agents a handful of times (also impressive considering I am in NYC and they are in London!) and have had several phone conversations and email exchanges. Knowing that a personal connection has been established with my agents gives me a sense of security and confidence.

I’ve had a blast feeling engaged and busy over the past two months with Bright and look forward seeing my career flourish under Bright’s representation!

jen 2Jen in her busy workspace – we spy a furry assistant…


The Bright artist sent us her customised pamphlet for self-promotion

Jen has been an incredible presence at the Bright Agency – we love that her creativity is equal to her infectious enthusiasm! Our rising star has a few new book concepts she’s writing at the moment and we can’t wait to find them publishing homes!