Bright Artist Maddie creates Own Brand Character; Eric the Elephant for Sainsbury’s!

 eric the elephant

This weekend the Bright team, and millions of people around the country alike will be celebrating the Easter break with chocolate and sweeties from Eric the Elephant! Our very own Maddy McClellan has previously developed the floppy-eared friend for Sainsbury’s sweets and advent calendars and now their exciting Easter range. Every golden egg comes with a bag of sweets and fun games to play – what better to buy the kids in your life? Buy one today here!


The golden egg and sweeties we are desperately trying not to open until the weekend!

Maddy has been a Bright artist for several years, enjoying success in publishing, licensing and now packaging and brand licensing. She is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to develop Eric and has two very happy boys to see so many sweet treats on the shelves!

photo 3[3]

From the time she could speak Maddy declared she wanted to be an artist, not just an artist but a famous artist. However she now concedes that just being an artist is good enough! In between climbing trees and making mud pies, she filled book after book with stories and pictures of animals dressed up in flowery skirts and embroidered waistcoats (we can only think this is the influence of being a child of the 70’s!).


Leaving school she went straight to art college at 16 knowing that following an artistic path was the only career she would ever entertain, and stopped having fantasies of escaping the classroom. Relishing instead in the glorious technicolour world of an art student Graduating in illustration from Brighton University, Maddy has worked for a wide range of clients within publishing and editorial and exhibited her prints and paintings. Her work is engaging and expressive combining a mixture of spontinaity and energy in the line and introducing texture and pattern within the colour.

Clients include Chicken House, Watts, Inky Press, Hachette, Meadowside, Simon and Schuster, Scholastic, Oxford university press and Ragged Bears

Maddy also works as a printmaker exhibing her work and has her own design company Magic Tiger.


 Eric goodies in Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less Magazine!