New Talent: Kirsten Ulve joins the Bright Group!


Kirsten Ulve is well known for her glamorous characters and alluring settings in the illustration world – and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her join of the Bright Agency! The amazing Kirsten has lived in New York for the last 18 years and is originally from the Midwest. She was always imaginative and knew she was destined to become an artist having gone to University to study Art and Graphic Design – where she began blending her skills to create her own unique style! In 1996 Kirsten moved to New York and worked as a Creative Director for a few years until she decided to pursue illustration full time. When it comes to her design sense she likes to dabble in a lot of areas of illustration which makes her a perfect fit for Bright as she will be working in all areas from Advertising to Children’s Books to Licensing. Kirsten says that at the core of what I she does and what inspires her most is being able to make people happy.


We wanted to catch up with her to talk about what makes her tick and where she gets her inspiration.

What are some things you enjoy and what inspires you? Let’s see, where to begin…I enjoy skiing, dancing, laughing my head off, cuddling, playing badminton, and fireworks. Also, I’m obsessed with interior decorating, middle eastern animal adornment, Bugs Bunny cartoons, and ancient history. Lots of my inspiration comes from past masters of art and graphic design, like Erté, Al Hirschfeld, David Klein, Alex Steinweiss, S. Neil Fujita, Kiraz, Mary Blair, and lots of other nameless commercial artists’ work I see on vintage packaging. I’m also inspired by vintage and current fashion: Rudi Gernreich, Galliano, Gauthier, Westwood.

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Do you have an unusual hobby? I love to make mobiles, and have a huge one made of giant dried gourds painted black here in our loft.

Special place you like to go to be inspired? My husband and I have a little modern chalet hidden in the mountains. I like to go there and cut paths in the woods and think. There’s quite a labyrinth established so far.

Do you have a pet? We have two black kitties, Romulus and Remus, and I am absolutely obsessed with them and their adorableness.

Do you want an unusual pet? I would love a pet wolf (which is what my last name means in Norwegian)

Where do you dream of traveling? Norway, to the little town my great great grandparents came from. It was the last stronghold of paganism in the country.

 I love the sound of…falsetto singing, electronic music, purring, marching bands (which for some reason make me cry with joy), and musicians singing on the subway trains.


We couldn’t be happier to represent Kirsten and believe that this will be a fantastic partnership – look out 2014!