NY Event : Luke Flowers at The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary

playtimes NEVER over PREVIEW

It was duly noted from the beginning that Luke Flowers‘ discernible talent was very much equal to his bursting enthusiasm! Therefore it came to no surprise when we were informed of his creative involvement in the 30th Anniversary tribute show for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The exclusive event (sponsored by Nickelodeon and Curated by CHOGRIN) at The Bottleneck Gallery (NY) was attended by Luke and Bright U.S. Agent James Burns last month, for a evening of mingling and turtley creative inspiration.

Luke had a few words to say about the unique event:

This was my first involvement in a gallery show as well as my very first trip to NYC! So it was a double dream come true to be involved with, plus the bonus of the TMNT theme which I have been a fanatic about since my childhood (watching the cartoons and collecting the toys). It was inspiring to see the excitement my 3 kiddos had about doing TMNT art for a Nickelodeon show, and they were giving me feedback on my concepts and illustrations all along the way.

I was extra excited about the opportunity to go to New York because it meant I would have a chance to connect with James, and talk about Bright Group life and how to grow as a Bright artist. All my expectations about the trip, show and connecting with fellow creatives along the adventure was far exceeded! I have fallen in love with NYC and can’t wait to return.



The print I created was inspired by the retro TMNT toys I used to love playing with as a kid, and now enjoy playing with my own 3 kids. Hence the name of the piece “Playtime’s NEVER over”. I wanted to highlight each of the turtles in various activities alongside a few of the other TMNT characters and based it off the unified circle elements from the TMNT world.


playtimes NEVER over1
playtimes NEVER over2

playtimes NEVER over3
playtimes NEVER over4

The book was inspired by my love of old flip face books where you could swap the tops and bottoms of characters to make new characters. So I created 10 portraits of the TMNT characters from the new Nickelodeon cartoon series that my 3 kids love and I have become a fan of. From there I devised a simple shape based on a turtle shell and then had that play out across each character so they could easily be swapped around. The book is 8×6 (roughly based on the dimensions of the Little Golden Book line) which I had a nod to on the slime spine. It’s really fun to flip through and see the wacky mix ups you can create. My kids want me to continue to series and create more characters … So I suppose this is a “first edition”

flip book COVER
flip book mickey
flip book splinter
flip book shredder

 The night of the show we grabbed some burgers with James at a Diner across from the gallery, talked about Bright group and shared life/creative journey stories. It was a grand time of getting to know one another. We headed over to the show around 7:00 and it was already a packed house, Nickelodeon had provided a bunch of collectibles and giveaways which of course were gone before we arrived. The energy of the evening was highly inspiring from start to finish. I was all the more honored to be part of the show when I saw the incredible collection of work the other artists had created for the show. Wide eyed and excitedly spending the next 3 hours enjoying the art, talking with fellow artists, a few fans, and playing a TMNT arcade game (I use to love back in the day) and even grabbed a few prints and pieces to remember the show by and share with my kiddos.

 It was the start of what I hope to be more gallery shows around the country. I love the collective contribution nature of gallery work and having the freedom to create and interpret the themes in a variety of unique techniques. I have another gallery show coming up later this month, which I will be excited to share.

 You can see all the art from the show in detail here & you can buy the art here.

Luke’s signed print and Flip Books are still available for purchase. 

(Family fun with the Flowers!)

  2 shots from a fun little family Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle show I put on for my kiddos before I left. The kids had been illustrating their own TMNT art all month as they are just as big fans as I am. So I thought it would be a fun send off to have a show and highlight them. We ate pizza, played with TMNT toys, talked about the artists and their work, then watched a documentary about the 30the year anniversary of TMNT. 


Bright were honoured to have been involved with the TMNT event through the amazing Luke Flowers and continue to encourage all our illustrators to attend and take part in fantastic creative events like this one.