Our NY Office has moved!

postcard4Postcard illustrated by Bright new talent, Matt Hunt

Bright has officially opened a US office in NYC after a decade of experience working with US clients via our London office through freelance US agents.

What does that actually mean?


  • Bright US Inc. has been established as a US company with US tax & governed by US law. Bright is no longer soley a UK business and our Bright office is no longer a satellite operation being run from the UK.
  • Bright US will have its own operating office, staff, meeting rooms, printers, lawyers, tax, accountants and agents. We are on the ground working in the US and you will be able to stop by for a cup of tea or coffee, peruse portfolios and discuss your latest illustration content needs as well as work with us on event and publication strategy for trade picture books.
  • We will be taking on new US artists with the same method of nurture, development and management that we do in the UK. Working together with publishers on their strategy and supporting book launches and publication events, to the same extent we drive our approach in the UK.
  • Agents will be on the ground in the US, available for meetings in the same time zone, committed and proactive, enhancing our service to our US clients and deepening what we offer to you.
  • Not only will Bright have a US office but an apartment with spare room for visiting artists coming to New York for meetings, book signings, promotion & launches (and much how Bright UK begun in the early days, socials as well as the occasional party will ensue!)
  • US events : Our soon-to-be annual ‘Spring fling I Love New York’  party will reflect on the year’s graces & exciting new publishing deals! Much like our annual Bright Picnic and Holiday party that takes place in London – the Spring fling will be held in New York and will be our celebratory and social event for our artists and US based clients.
  • Our US clients will have full access to our Global portfolio of artist and authors.



           Jen Hill


            Matt Hunt

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What does this mean to Bright Artists?


  • We will have two full-time US agents that are equipped to represent all the areas of Bright – trade, commercial, fiction, education, etc, on the ground in NYC. We are also currently recruiting further US based agents to develop new lists within the group. Our Founder and MD, Vicki will work closely with the US and the UK on her list of 12 Trade author illustrators.
  • Our US agents will travel the coasts, visiting US based clients from our New York head office. We will be fully engaging with all areas of opportunities in the US for our artists.
  • Both James & Anne are fully engaged in the US children’s publishing community & immersed in U.S culture, trends, wishes and needs and will be steering Bright USA to be one of the most frequently used resources in childrens publishing in the US.
  • There will be more of an awareness & focus on US publishing awards and the marketing opportunities these provide to artists.
  • We have instructed a new US legal team that will manage the contracts and rights of our artists and work with Publishers based on US laws.
  • Bright Group Founder Vicki Willden-Lebrecht is one of the board Director’s at the AOI in the UK who are now partnering with the Directory of Illustration in the US. This is also deepening the cross pollination of these two great creative markets, giving unique opportunities to promote and expand the reach of illustration into the market of art commissioners in the United States.



James Burns – Agent

Our ambitious James started as an intern at Bright, working his way up from Vicki’s Personal Assistant 6 years ago to Senior agent in the UK having graduated Central St. Martin’s one of Londons bestArt Schools.

Vicki & James relationship has been very much mentor/apprentice, ‘when you find someone that can see your vision and has the same tools in his bag as you had when you started out you cannot help but show him how to use them. James understands the heart beat, soul & internal workings

of what makes Bright special & different to every other agency. There was no question who would be the right person to bring our method and approach to managing talent into the US.’ – Vicki Willden-Lebrecht.

We nurture artists whilst making and holding strong alliances in the publishing world – so James was the perfect advocate to become a director of Bright group including formerly appointed from US office.

“When the opportunity arose to represent our Bright creatives stateside, I couldn’t turn it down. Having spent many wonderful years working alongside Vicki and the Bright artists, I felt truly honoured to have been asked. While it’s early days flying the flag,  judging by the welcome we have received so far, Bright USA is well on its way to becoming a BEST SELLER!”  – James Burns

Going forward Bright will be looking for new employees, employing American staff to join the team in all areas – administration, assistants & agents. If you are interested in working for us, please contact us.

Anne Moore Armstrong – Creative Collaborative Agent

Our first American employee, Anne Moore Armstrong – previously of Candlewick Press,  supports our artists as they develop author/illustrator stories for the US trade children’s book market. Anne also works collaboratively with editors on concepts and is acquiring new artists for Bright’s expanding portfolio.

“Joining Bright at this strategic moment of expansion in the US market is extremely exciting. There is so much talent bubbling over in the Bright portfolios, and I am thrilled to be connecting that 

talent with editors and art directors in the trade picture book market and beyond. Stories make the world go round, and Bright’s story is one of adventure, mystery and suspense with pure delight at its core.”

“I am increasingly impressed with the way Bright’s artists bring stories to life in their signature styles using creative solutions. There is a high level of professionalism and expertise that publishers can count on with our artists. It’s an honor to represent these dynamic creatives.”  – Anne Moore Armstrong


Come see us!

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Note: For those of you who know New York, our office is on Delancey Street, which is opposite the Tenement Museum. This area was one of the first neighborhoods in New York City to be settled by immigrants. This was by no means intentional, but a wonderful serendipitous moment for Bright as we settle into US territory!