Portsmouth University Live Design Brief 2015


As one of Bright’s creative initiatives, Managing Director and founder of The Bright Group Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, is pairing up with Portsmouth University to offer students an annual opportunity to participate in an exciting live brief. Vicki, having graduated from Portsmouth University with a degree in Graphic Design & New Media, is keen to offer back an opportunity to the school that trained her and to work further alongside the wonderful graphic design course & it’s tutors to provide a mutually beneficial project for one lucky student this year!

The Bright Group is a long standing Illustration Agency in both London & New York, representing such industry shaping names as Benji Davies, Sue Hendra, Yasmeen Ismail & Gabriel Alborozo. Our incredible pool of Bright talent has gone from strength to strength over the past year, having won the Waterstones Picture Book Award, Oscar’s First Book Prize, V&A Illustration Award, Sheffield Children’s Book Award & taking part in such prestigious publishing prizes as The Roald Dahl Funny Prize & Kate Greenaway Award – Not to mention Lee Wildish reaching the incredible No.2 spot on the New York Best Sellers list (with How to Babysit a Grandpa – Random House) & Sue Hendra’s TV debut  (Wanda and the Alien – RHCSE, 8.20am Saturday and Sundays Channel 5).


Bright is one of the most globally recognised illustration agencies –  and it was a success from the start. The initial turnover in its first year was £600,000 which for a start up business and of someone just 23 years old you could say Bright hit the ground running and has never looked back.

One of the contributing factors Vicki believes made the difference to her agency was its strong brand identity from the start. “ I don’t believe bright would of been taken as seriously as it was and respected from the get go without the ‘nailed’ brand identity that has become a central recognition within our industry for outstanding children’s content and illustration.”

With Vicki’s classic training she was able to depict the right look and brand message of a friendly open, nurturing encouraging and fun agency for at the time new graduates and unpublished artists to initially join. Also this classic training in design allowed Vicki to talent spot, select and art direct and nurture some of the most successful new names in the world of illustration to join her fold.

With business booming & creativity flowing, Vicki wanted to show our gratitude to Portsmouth for their supportive teaching and guidance to her which laid the early foundations of Bright’s journey and also recognising and valuing how powerful and important design is in creating successful businesses. 

Bright wishes to create a paid annual placement for one outstanding graphic design graduate. The chosen applicant will work closely with us in our London office for a minimum of 4 weeks on a design based project with our corporate identity – all the while immersing themselves in the world of publishing & professional illustration.


Previous live briefs

Barney Steel, a friend and former peer of Vicki’s at Portsmouth University, designed the original Bright brand and then went onto create The Found Collective  and now works with clients such as Mclaren and Saatchi.

The initial branding had a strong impact & suited the agency’s initial agenda. However as Bright grew, so did the visual signature of the company. With these evolving areas of Bright emerging, we needed a re-working to find a true identity for Bright across the different divisions. In 2013 Max Crame, another Portsmouth graduate was offered the chance to complete a live, paid brief to rebrand Bright’s new identity.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.50.22

Max described the process for his final solution in the Bright Group rebranding:

‘From the start of the project I wanted typography to play a big part in the flexibility of Bright, and I have implemented this by giving each division its own typeface along with its own logo. In turn, each company has its own unique tone of voice, and an identity that can be seen throughout the division and its deliverables, rather than just in the logo.

Furthermore, each logo is designed to be flexible to the context in which it is used. It is no secret that Vicki is a big fan of the colour pink, and in full colour each logo uses the colour to help link the set of logos together. More importantly, I designed each logo to be scaled for use at different sizes, and each logo works well in both black and knockout white over images.’

bright logos 3

In the future this exciting placement may be open to other universities, but currently Bright want to support the relationship Vicki has with Portsmouth & it’s amazing tutors – with designers who really value the creative industry and a cool project!

For more information on this live brief or future projects, please contact our Marketing & Design Coordinator K.M Sharp, who will be happy to help with queries – km@brightgroupinternational.com

Good luck to all those entering & we look forward to working with you!