Vicki Willden-Lebrecht appointed as a new Board Director at the AOI

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In Bright’s 10th year of creative business, we reflect back on the good our business has done for the world of illustration. Even though Bright has helped to add value and credibility to all sections of the industry, we are recognised more for commerical illustration through the nurturing of our Illustrators and their work – this can be seen in the rising success of Lee Wildish, Mark Chambers, Migy Blanco, Sue Hendra, James Davies, Laura Hughes and Jarvis. Under the guidance and enthusiasm of our founder Vicki, here at Bright we strive to give a voice to not only our illustrators, but to all creatives who deserve respect and credibility for what they do.

The Association of Illustrators (AOI) is a non-profit organisation that promotes contemporary illustration and ensures the maintenance of industry standards. The organisation holds annual awards, exhibitions, events and issues a quarterly magazine to solidify Illustration as a credible industry/occupation for their members and creatives alike. The importance of the AOI’s work can be aptly summed up by one of their most notable patron’s:

“In case you are not a member, remember, the AOI is more relevant than ever to the advancement of students, illustrators and illustration.” Sir Quentin Blake

From this, Bright are delighted to announce that our CEO, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, has accepted the position of non-exect Board Member at the AOI! Vicki looks to continue the good work she does for supporting unpublished, as well as established Illustrators and recognises that she can accomplish so much more for their rights under the roof of the AOI. As Vicki extends her core values into the well-founded organisation, she knows they can work closely together to allow Illustrators to feel empowered, respected and valued for the amazing creative contribution they make to books, campaigns, licensed goods, advertisements and a range of wonderful products every year.

Vicki continues to be Managing Director, founder and the engine that runs Bright, whilst managing a small and exclusive picture book list within the group. It’s business as usual for The Bright Agency – through the help and support of the AOI, we have just extended our reach of potential good work within the Illustration industry.

A huge congratulations to Vicki from all of us here at Bright! We are excited, more than ever, for the future of Illustration with the knowledge that one of our own is giving an additional voice to the thousands of artists and illustrators trying to capture their dreams in this industry today.