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Category Archive: Bright Agency (Childrens illustration blog)

  1. ‘Once upon a time there was a girl with an idea…’ Reports the Sunday Times

    The Sunday Times have just published an article on Bright’s MD and Founder, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, in this weekend’s Business & Money section. If you missed the article in The Sunday Times (sign up to read it in full online here) read a few excerpts from the interview and some out takes here – a clear […]

  2. Do YOU Know When The Grotlyn’s Been? Slipping Through Your House Unseen . . .

    I knew I’d love The Grotlyn. It’s nostalgic — think Janet and Allan Ahlberg’s Happy Families or Burglar Bill, only with an edge, and a thrill of the macabre. Dickensian London is captured so beautifully, it’s already filmic in it’s composition. Horror is quite a thing in children’s books, and it always has been really if you think […]

  3. Mark Chambers On His Creative Career — Art Is Never the Easy Option, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Differently . . .

    Mark was shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Award  for this striking image back in May this year. Mark Chambers has been with Bright from the very beginning. Through sheer determination, hard work and an ability to adapt and develop his style over time, he has made illustration his career, and a successful one at that. In this interview, […]

  4. Great Reads to Enjoy with Your Children this Autumn

    As the holidays draw to a close, Bright Agents share the books they’ve discovered this Summer . . . Illustration by Grace Easton Arabella Stein | Managing Agent   Dave Pigeon published by Faber & Faber; Kiki and Bobo published by Walker. Dave Pigeon by Swapna Haddow, with illustrations by Sheena Dempsey: This book was recommended to me by […]

  5. The Artist Behind Princesses Penelope’s Fabulous Wardrobe

    We’ve been waiting at the edge of our seats for the publication of Princesses Wear Pants since Princess Penelope took the Javits Center by storm at BEA this June. The signing line for co-authors The Today Show host Savannah Guthrie and Allison Oppenheim snaked around the exhibition floor full of readers from across the country dying to get their […]

  6. Bright Landscapes: Jane Newland Talks Technique, Style and Future Plans

    Jane Newland has a distinctive and extremely eye-catching style. Her artworks are green and luscious — the fronds of every fern, and each and every leaf are detailed, with soft looking textures, like a springy moss or camomile lawn. There is something magical about Jane’s compositions; they make me want to jump into them, just […]

  7. In Bloom with Fiona Woodcock and Book Lover Jo

    If you love children’s books as much as we do, you might have heard of a blogger named Book Lover Jo. Jo Clarke is a primary school librarian with a passion for picture books, and her blog is full of beautiful articles on books she highly recommends.  Animation by Maki Yoshikura @MunchkinJack Jo recently reviewed Poppy […]

  8. Bright Journeys: Dave Mottram

    From quite early on, it seems Dave Mottram was destined for greatness because of hard work and talent. His bright, energetic characters — from humans to anthropomorphic motor vehicles — leap off the page with spunk and vitality. Dave sums up his path to an illustration career, which started at age two in a lovely little […]

  9. Jessica Smith Chats to Ohh Deer’s Amy Lesko

       GOUACHE GIRL – JESSICA SMITH Today we are sitting down with the colourful and cheery illustrator Jessica Smith! Jess talks about her enjoyment from working with children’s illustration and her love of the Muji gel pen. Hey there Jess! Let’s start at the beginning – how have you become the creative you are today? […]

  10. Picture Book Funny Man: The Art of Fred Blunt

    Fred Blunt puts the funny into children’s books, with his humour making both children and adults laugh. There’s something nostalgic about his style; animated, playful and with a warm palette, his pictures and characters tell the story, making his books an all inclusive experience. Here he talks about his journey, starting out as a working illustrator, […]

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